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Sep 14

Wholesalers struggle with profits as retailers demand regional support

The wholesale sector remains an important part of most distribution channels, notably in food, drugs and toiletries. In others, such as electronics, wholesaling is on life-support if not actually dead, while apparel has evolved into a vertically integrated channel where single companies control all aspects of distribution, and traditional wholesale manufacturers have shifted into retailing […]

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Sep 15

Top wholesalers see sales grow 4% in FY2013 but profit falls for many

Japan’s wholesale sector enjoyed higher sales in 2013. In food and household products, huge wholesalers continue to play a prominent role in the distribution channel as traditional intermediaries, but even in some cases as budding retailers in their own right. An overall increase in profitability was largely due to the better performance among pharmaceutical suppliers, […]

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Mar 15

Kenzo signs with Yagi Tsusho

The Yen may have weakened from ¥100 to ¥140 to the Euro but enthusiasm for European brands continues unabated. Yagi Tsusho signed three brands in the last six months, including Kenzo. Kenzo Paris has signed a joint venture deal with Yagi Tsusho for distribution of the Kenzo brand in Japan. Yagi Tsusho, which has joint […]

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