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Jun 14

United Arrows: under pressure

United Arrows posted higher sales in FY2014, but it is suffering from falling profits and its core chains are experiencing declining footfall, down 10% last year on a same store basis. Management admits to problems with merchandise, but there is a growing concern that the brand is also losing its cachet after several years of […]

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Jan 15

United Arrows seeks growth online

United Arrows gets a healthy level of sales from online sources, but loses much of the margin, not to mention customer data, to third party e-commerce operators. In order to encourage more customers to shop with it directly, it is pioneering a clever tool developed in Sweden that helps to minimise sizing errors. United Arrows […]

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Dec 15

United Arrows’ star waning?

United Arrows was the investors’ darling only nine months ago when new initiatives to increase demand tracking and to attract new groups of younger male consumers seemed to be making headway. Since April, however, customers are turning away from the brand, partly as a result of price increases 12 months ago, and the generally strong […]

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May 15

United Arrows launches new brands

United Arrows has big plans to double sales by 2021 and has already launched four new brands in the last few months, with more to come. United Arrows will launch a new brand this Autumn called En Route. Based on a concept dubbed ‘Wearable Tokyo‘ En Route will mix sports and fashion to create a […]

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