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Nov 02

Convenience stores aiming to be default for online delivery

Japan’s network of 55,000 convenience stores, 80% of them run by just three companies, is an ideal delivery system for online sales. The growth in online retailing in general is a tremendous opportunity for domestic and overseas brands alike, with expanded market access and lower cost distribution options of particular interest to overseas firms. The […]

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Jul 14

Convenience store sales up 1.6% in May with innovations across sector

While GMS chains are still larger by sales volume, convenience stores continue to make the greatest progress in the FMCG sector. Last month saw a range of announcements of yet more sales growth, new private brands, and other marketing initiatives. Lawson: Year on Year Same Store Sales Change by Sub-Format, 2014-15 The Japan Franchise Chain […]

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Jun 14

Conbini coffee hits 1.9 billion cups

Japanese consumers have fallen in love with convenience store coffee and are drinking it by the litre. This is the latest example that proves how well convenience stores understand their market and the opportunities that exist if suppliers can bring the right product to the table. No other sales channel is as powerful as convenience […]

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May 15

Healthcare at convenience stores

Convenience stores are determined to become the hub of Japanese life, both selling essential goods but also a vast range of services, as well as becoming the local depots for online orders. The latest idea is to turn your local conbini into a quasi medical clinic, offering basic medical tests and products, particularly those targeting […]

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Dec 15

Seven Eleven: the donut issue

Seven Eleven began the rollout of new counter displays selling six flavours of donut last month. Although seemingly very minor news, this is so much more than just the latest merchandising idea from the country’s largest retail chain. The new idea not only complements the massively successful ‘counter coffee’ introduced last year, it also shows […]

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Nov 15

Convenience Stores: and then there were three

Convenience stores seem to go from strength to strength. This year will set another new record for the number of new stores added to the three largest chains alone – and these three already account for some 75% of the entire market. With saturation point reached, the sector is now looking to the next step, […]

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Oct 15

Familymart looking for cross-business deals

With Seven Eleven and Lawson adding around 1,000 new stores a year, and Lawson rapidly diversifying out of uniform convenience store retailing overall, number three chain Familymart is fighting to keep pace. With all three chains going after similar locations for their new stores, Familymart is losing out. To make up for this it is […]

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