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Jul 14

Listed apparel groups: tough times

The largest listed apparel firms, Onward, TSI, Sanyo Shokai and Renown should be the main beneficiaries of a resurgent department store sector, but with spending coming mostly from more affluent consumers, it is luxury and big international brands that have gained the most. Middle market brands from the traditional apparel houses haven’t done so well, and […]

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May 15

Sanyo Shokai prepares for Burberry departure in 2015

It is already widely accepted that Burberry will not renew its key Japanese apparel license with Sanyo Shokai and master license with Mitsui Bussan next year. Given that the UK brand accounts for as much as a third of Sanyo’s sales and significant royalty income for Mitsui, it will be a blow for both firms. […]

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