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May 15

Outlet malls continue to expand

Outlet Malls continue to expand in Japan and Mitsui and Mitsubishi lead the way with some 80% of the market. The malls are now so popular and generate such traffic, both from domestic customers and tourists, that more and more brands are opening outlet stores with much wider strategic intent than just to sell off […]

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Dec 15

Leading shopping centre sales rise 4.2%

Shopping centres had a great year in FY2013 thanks to higher spending on fashions, food and lifestyle goods. The top selling SCs fared much better than the sector as a whole. The increase in spending before the tax hike on non-essential high ticket items such as fashion and the sharp rise in tourism helped lift […]

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Oct 15

Major trading houses investing in e-commerce distribution

The rapid growth in e-commerce is leading to huge demand for state of the art distribution facilities and support. With Amazon Japan leading from the front, all the major players, and even the smaller ones, are now expected to provide short lead times at very low cost to the final customer but the cost of […]

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