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Oct 07

Matsukiyo LAB: the new beauty store for singles

With all the major drugstore chains introducing new value added services in efforts to compete in the increasingly saturated sector, last month the leading chain, Matsumotokiyoshi, added to the competition with the first of an entirely new format. Matsukiyo LAB is aiming for 50 stores within five years, targeting single person households in urban areas […]

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Dec 15

Matsukiyo to introduce duty-free and EDLP formats

With competitive pressures building, Matsumotokiyoshi is looking to maintain its lead by introducing new store formats, expanding the range of non-prescription merchandise like cosmetics and household goods. The move comes in response to Aeon’s desire to consolidate its drugstore operations in the coming year, making it the largest player in the sector when all GMS […]

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Nov 15

Aeon’s drugstore revolution continues

Aeon has begun full absorption of its Welcia Holdings affiliate, the start of plans to shake up drugstore retailing, with Welcia and three other major drugstore chains merged by the middle of 2015. This will create the largest single chain in the country, overtaking Matsumotokiyoshi, and put Aeon in a position to make even further […]

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