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Oct 07

GMS crisis deepens: top chains announce store closures

It is no secret that the general merchandise store (GMS) sector is past its prime, but recent results suggest the crisis is only getting worse. Last month two of the largest chains announced store closures, following on from similar announcements from Seiyu. Aeon too is looking to restructure its operations. Is there any chance the […]

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May 15

Aeon taking axe to private brands

For some analysts Aeon Group’s enduring inability to turn its huge scale into profits is unforgiveable. The sense that it has hit make or break with its GMS chain was confirmed last month with news of far reaching strategic changes, some of which represent a reversal of 10 years of policy. While some of the […]

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Oct 15

RIP: Aeon to delete Daiei

Aeon will shortly make Daiei a wholly owned subsidiary and delist the company’s stock. This means that what was once Japan’s biggest retailer by far has finally suffered the fate of similarly indebted retailers over the past 20 years – one that it had previously avoided thanks to government support and funding. The simultaneous confirmation that […]

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Jul 15

Aeon to make Daiei a supermarket, may scrap Daiei brand

Aeon has announced plans to turn Daiei into a supermarket chain, handing over the recently acquired chain’s regional GMS outlets to other Aeon businesses. With every expectation that Aeon will turn Daiei into a majority owned subsidiary in the next 12 months, the chain’s new major shareholder is keen to reposition Daiei and make it […]

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