Research Services for Brands, Retailers and Investors

JapanConsuming offers research services such as custom research reports, phone consultations, seminars, presentations on key topics etc.

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  • Brands
  • Retailers
  • INvestors

For investors, we provide the following services:

  • Company profiles and reviews
  • Reviews of consumer sectors and retail channels/formats
  • Consumer Trends
  • Store Reports: Evaluations to explain rise/fall in same store performance
  • Highlights on declining/rising sectors, formats and markets
  • Reviews of up and coming consumer and retail businesses
  • Shop tours in Japan with consulting on the go.
  • Presentations at investor offices on specific aspects of Japanese retail/consumer market or specific companies.
  • Phone Consultations on specific aspects of Japanese retail/consumer market or specific companies.
  • Data collection and analysis such as competitive price point surveys, footfall surveys.
  • Consumer social media tracking and analysis on consumer brands, retailers, specific product launches etc.
  • Digital media tracking to establish retail/brand competence and mindshare capture in this activity.
  • Competitor evaluation studies.
  • 5-10- year evaluations on retail industry or specific sectors.
  • Reports or presentations on specific themes such as convenience trends, discounting growth, e-commerce etc.

These services can be provided in the form of custom reports, phone consultations, presentations to teams, seminars, or a combination.

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