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Japan’s Fashion Distributors 2019



Japan is one of the top 3 fashion markets in the world, yet many overseas fashion firms don’t have a clear idea who the best distributors are, the brands they carry or their strengths and weaknesses.

Japan’s Fashion Distributors provides a detailed map of fashion distribution, helping those already selling in Japan to see the market clearly, while helping those wanting to sell to Japan work out who could be their best partner.

The report helps you to:
  • Focus on the best partners that suit your brand
  • Gain rapid understanding of the market
  • Work out which type of distribution works best for your size of business and brand positioning
  • Expand sales and brand awareness in Japan

Japan’s Fashion Distributors is a guide and analysis of both trading companies and distributors of apparel and fashion in Japan. The report identifies all the key trends impacting fashion distribution, including consumer and retail trends, the differences between types of distributor, their main activities, key profiles and strengths and weaknesses. There are also lists of the main deals signed by trading firms for the last decade.

The 50 report includes:
  • Key Trends in Japanese fashion distribution
  • Overview of fashion distribution and the different types of distributors and licensees
  • Analysis of how trading companies and distributors operate, and their strengths and weaknesses
  • Profiles on the key players among trading firms and distributors
  • Rankings of key players with contact details (web)
  • Listing of all the main deals by trading firms since 2007
  • Full index
Table of Contents
  • Key trends in Fashion distribution  3
  • The differences between traders and distributors  8
  • Sogo shosha in Fashion: current & future trends  11
  • The Leading Sogo Shosha    21
  • Sogo Shosha: Key deals 2007-2019   30
  • Importer-distributors  37
  • Recent Trends in Distributor Sector   40
  • Key Importer-Distributors   44
  • Index  48

With Japan’s Fashion Distributors you will see the opportunities ahead of the competition, potential new partners, weigh up the merits of partners vs direct distribution, and concise guides to give you a clear mental map of how fashion distribution works.