Japan’s Top 300 Retailers: 2014 Ranking

Japan’s Top 300 Retailers: 2014 Ranking




A complete ranking and review of Japan’s top 300 retailers in FY2013, including sales, profit & stores

Japan’s Top 300 Retailers is a concise summary of the key trends and shifts in Japanese retailing in FY2013 combined with a complete ranking of the top 300 retailers.

The report helps you to:
  • Focus on the best targets that suit your brand
  • Gain rapid understanding of the market
  • Work out which method works best for your size of business and brand positioning
  • Start selling to Japan within a few weeks

Selling to Japan Online shows you how to access this market with little effort, and yet still reach millions of consumers. The report identifies 7 routes to sell online to Japan, offering a route to market to suit all sizes of business and all budgets, from a one man business to listed companies. These routes include selling via Japanese e-commerce businesses that will sell your product direct to their customers without the need for you to export to Japan directly.

45 Pages.
The report reviews all the main formats alongside the top 300 ranking:
  • Overview of Key Trends in Japanese retailing in FY2013
  • Summaries of key trends are provided for each of the main retail sectors including:
  • Conglomerates such as Aeon and Seven & I

  • Department Stores

  • All the main specialty and small format categories:
  • Drugstores

  • Convenience Stores

  • Apparel

  • Home Centres & Furniture

  • Consumer Electronics

  • Discount and other retail formats

  • The top 300 ranking includes sales, operating, pre-tax and net profit, store numbers, and year on year percentage changes for each.
  • Retail Ranking summary chart showing:
  • Share of retail market for key formats by sales and stores

  • Comparative performance indicators by format across sales and profits

Profiles: Retail Conglomerates
  • Japan’s Retail Mega-Companies: The Retail Conglomerates
  • Retail Conglomerates: Aeon
  • Retail Conglomerates: Seven & I Holdings
  • Retail Conglomerates: Uny Group Holdings
  • Department Store groups
Profiles: Retail Conglomerates
  • Consumer Electronics​
  • Home Centres & Furniture Retailing
  • Drugstores
  • Apparel Retailing
  • Discount and Other retailing
  • Retail Ranking: Top 300 Retailers
Chart List
  • Leading retailers expand market share, improve profitability​
  • Leading retailers (including key subsidiaries) FY2013
  • Sales Growth of Top Retailers, FY2008-13
  • Retailers & Groups with Food Sales exceeding ¥150 billion FY2013
  • Retailers & Groups with Apparel Sales exceeding ¥50 billion FY2013
  • Largest Retail Industry Conglomerates FY2013
  • Top 10 GMS Chains FY2013, Sales & Market Share
  • Top 10 Supermarket Chains FY2013, Sales & Market Share
  • Top 10 Department Store Chains FY2013
  • Top 10 Consumer Electronics Chains FY2013, Sales & Market Share
  • Top 10 Home Centre Chains FY2013, Sales & Market Share
  • Top 10 Drugstore Chains FY2013, Sales & Market Share
  • Top 10 Apparel Chains FY2013, Sales & Market Share

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