Japan’s Apparel & Fashion Market: The Complete Handbook

Japan’s Apparel & Fashion Market: The Complete Handbook




Japan Apparel & Fashion Market: The Complete Handbook provides all the intelligence you need to export, distribute and market fashion in or to Japan, as well as invest in Japanese fast growing apparel and fashion businesses. It is the most complete and thorough analysis of the Japanese apparel & fashion market ever published – and the only report of its kind available in either English or Japanese.

The report helps you to:
  • Understand where your brand or store fits, the competition and opportunities
  • Explain the market and its huge potential to head offices, investors and clients using graphical summaries, rankings and analysis
  • Find partners, suppliers, competitors, clients, and investment opportunities through key player profiles and rankings
  • Stimulate ideas and new directions from staff and colleagues through the report’s analsis of segments and key players
  • Plan for the future using historical data, market forecasts, and current & future trends Quickly look up key data on sectors and players anytime using indexes
    330 pages giving you a complete map of Japanese apparel & fashion markets.
    • Guide to the top 100 consumer markets and changes coming through 2025
    • Road map for the current market and changes coming in the next five years
    • Over 150 charts, providing a complete map of Japanese apparel & fashion distribution from wholesaler to consumer
    • A complete explanation of how the market is laid out, the main channels, and the key players and trends in those channels
    • Profiles of all leading companies and rankings of the top players
    • Analysis of market share, structure
    Complete Data on all major distributors and retailers
    • ​Top 120 Apparel Wholesalers
    • Top 100 Apparel Retailers overall
    • Top 100 Department Stores by Sales
    • Top 50 Department Stores by Apparel Sales
    • Top 50 Department Stores by Accessory Sales
    • Top 50 Online Apparel Retailers
    • Top 150 Specialty Stores
    • Top 30 Trading Firms
    • Leading Select Shop Groups
    • Top 15-20 Retailers of Footwear, Sports, Accessories, Jewellery

    With Japan Apparel & Fashion Market: The Complete Handbook you will see the opportunities and competition, the route to market and expansion, winners and losers by sector and channel, potential partners, suppliers, clients, and investment opportunities.

    The report has been designed for quick reviews as well as in-depth analysis by sector, providing complete and detailed coverage, but still with clear markers to guide, and snapshot overviews to navigate by.

    Whether you are already selling in Japan or planning to, investing or advising, Japan Apparel & Fashion Market: The Complete Handbook has all the intelligence needed to get the job done.

    For full details including Table of Contents, Chart Lists and more, please view the brochure here.