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December 2019 Top Stories
Aeon ties with UK’s Ocado in push for online food leadershipAeon has become the Japanese partner to Ocado, one of[...]
November 2019 Top Stories
Key stories in this month's issue of JapanConsuming, the essential monthly analysis and data update on Japan's retail & consumer markets:The Online Fashion[...]
October 2019 Top Stories
Key stories in this month's issue of JapanConsuming, the essential monthly analysis and data update on Japan's retail & consumer markets:Yahoo and Zozo:[...]
September 2019 Top Stories
FOCUS: Department Stores 2018-19: taking risks to become original is an opportunity for overseas brandsThe department store sector witnessed a[...]
July-August Top Stories
FOCUS: The Complete Retail Review and Ranking 2018-19: profit growth slowing as marketing competition increasesLeading retailers grew sales and share[...]
June 2019 Top Stories
FOCUS: Retailing 2030: The Big DisruptionRetailing in Japan is about to enter a period of unprecedented change – the biggest[...]
May 2019 Top Stories
FOCUS:Consumption Trends Review: higher wages good for value retail, luxury and, hopefully, the futureWages and salaries finally began to rise[...]
Top Stories April 2019
FOCUS: Fashion e-commerce: two-tiersystem of malls and direct closing in on department storesFashion is already the largest single category online, but[...]
March 2019 Top Stories
FOCUS THIS MONTH:E-commerce: digital to influence 45% of all retail sales by 2025E-commerce is set to account for 15% of[...]
February 2019 Top Stories
Japan going cashless in 2019, but households still keep a lot of Yen under the futon cashHeavily supported by the[...]
January 2019 Top Stories
FOCUSShopping Centres 2017-18: sales rise as mall development slows sharplyThe shopping centre market expanded in FY2017, increasing sales by 2.3%,[...]
December 2018 Top Stories
FOCUS: Convenience stores still innovating in saturated market The convenience store sector may have reached saturation but this has just[...]

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