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April 2018 Top Stories
FOCUS: Fashion: still the biggest e-commerce category – and still growing fast Our recent focus on e-commerce (JC1801) showed just[...]
March 2018 Top Stories
FOCUS Drugstores stealing major share in food, cosmetics, and household goods Drugstores are the one retail sector to show consistent[...]
February 2018 Top Stories
FOCUS: 100 Yen shops bask in growing discount economy The continuation of the ‘Great Wage Squeeze’ over the past two[...]
January 2018 Highlights
  E-Commerce 2017-2022: Relentless expansion changing Japanese distribution forever E-commerce sales grew just under 10% in 2016 at the most[...]
December 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: Shopping Centres 2016-17: sales stagnate as consumer slowdown bites and tenants retreat After sales growth of 7% in 2015-16[...]
November 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: Convenience Stores in 2017: top three chains claim 90% of the market, still struggle with e-commerce Convenience stores are[...]
October 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: Fashion Retailing 2016-17: sector contracts but big growth for the value innovators 2016-17 was a much tougher year for[...]
September 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: Department Stores FY2016: pulling out the axe again After two years of reaping the benefits of optimism among the[...]
July-August 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: The State of Play in Japanese Retailing & Consumer Markets: Retail Results for FY2016: growth in the middle Lack[...]
June 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: Vend me please, I’m Japanese Vending machines are so widely accepted here that even luxury brands sometimes make use[...]
May 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: Home Fashion market expands within sluggish consumer economy IKEA Japan opened an online store last month, much earlier than[...]
April 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: EC Success: best practices in selling online in Japan Kurt Salmon carried out its second Annual Digital Fulfilment Study[...]

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