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January Top Stories
Giftee: digital gifting surges for consumer businessesThe gift market has contracted in recent years as corporate and formal gift giving[...]
December 2022 Top Stories
Domestic tourism surges back to life as inbound traffic rises The long awaited lifting of restrictions on inbound tourists in[...]
November Top Stories
Inflation at 30 year high The CPI hit 3% in September, excluding fresh food and adjusting for consumption tax. Prices[...]
October Top Stories
Itochu signs Forever 21, American Eagle returns alone Two major US apparel retailers are returning to the Japanese market for[...]
September Top Stories
E-commerce 2021-22: another high growth year E-commerce sales of physical goods jumped nearly 9% in FY2021. Although this was well[...]
July-August Top Stories
Sale of Sogo Seibu imminentInitial reports suggest that Fortress Investment, part of the Softbank group of funds, is now the[...]
June Top Stories
Big apparel looks for new relevanceThe two leading apparel firms, World and Onward, posted largely negative results for 2021 although[...]
May Top Stories
Big retailers resist price pressure As more suppliers announce price increases, larger retailers are turning to discount campaigns to establish[...]
April Top Stories
Widespread price rises at retail and wholesale With energy costs still rising and ongoing supply-chain issues exacerbated by the re-emergence[...]
March Top Stories
Household expenditure increases in 2021 and more of it online The latest figures show that, even though incomes fell for[...]
February Top Stories
Seven & I to sell Sogo Seibu Department Stores Numerous reports indicate that Seven & I is preparing its Sogo[...]
January Top Stories
Cainz takes on Nitori with Tokyu Hands takeover Iconic retail chain, Tokyu Hands, is to be acquired by Cainz, Japan’s[...]

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