Japanese Consumer Trends Review 2024

Consumer Trends Review 2024

This snapshot report offers a quick but complete review of Japanese consumer trends, including the impact of inflation, income trends, expenditure by category, savings rates and the outlook for consumption.

Report Details

Consumer Trends Review 2024 provides a snapshot update on the latest trends, data and behaviour in Japanese consumer markets:

  • Data on prices, wages and savings (see TOC below for details)
  • Expenditure by category over time
  • Impact of trends on key categories like fashion, food, interiors and services
  • Impact on retail performance by format and type
  • Winners and losers among retailers

With Consumer Trends Review 2024, you will be able to quickly understand all the main drivers of Japanese consumer behaviour today, where the market is heading and where the opportunities are, whether as a brand, retailer or investor.

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  • TOC



A Complete Overview

  • Concise report of analysis and essential data
  • Summary section
  • Charts on prices, incomes, and savings
  • Detailed charts on consumption by category
  • Analysis of consumer sentiment and outlook
  • Review of impact on retailing by sector and format
  • Guide to the winners & losers at retail