Japan Retail Review & Top 350 Retailer Ranking 2018

Japan Retail Review 2018 provides a complete overview and analysis of the Japanese retail sector. The report includes detailed rankings, demonstrating how each major retailer fits into the market overall as well as its own sector, along with a full ranking of the top 350 retailers by sales and profit.

Included in the report:

1. 2018 Review
A review of the state of play in Japanese retailing overall and by major format in terms of growth, profitability and future trends.

2. Top 350 Retailers by Sales
A full ranking of the top 350 retailers covering sales, HQ location, profit and year-on-year performance.

3. In-depth Format Reviews and Rankings
Sections on each of the major formats with detailed financial and operational analysis. The following formats are covered:

  • Supermarkets
  • General Merchandise Stores
  • Convenience Stores
  • Drugstores
  • Homecentres
  • Department Stores
  • Apparel Speciality Retailers
  • Consumer Electronics Retailers
  • E-Commerce
  • Others (Footwear, Eyewear, Car Accessories, Sports, 100 Yen, Jewellery, Books/Media, Discount, Various Specialty, 2nd Hand

For each format, the report provides:

  • A one page snapshot review of the format over the last six years covering sales, profitability (operating, pretax and net), operating revenue growth, profit margins, and a pie chart of market share for the top firms.
  • Ranking by Sales (including operating, pretax, and net profit and year-on-year performance).
  • Sales ranking by major product category (including gross margins achieved by each firm and year-on-year performance).
  • Financial forecast ranking for FY2018.
  • Rankings by financial indicators (Op. revenue, Pretax profit, Pretax Margin, ROE, ROA, Capitol Asset Ratio, Cash Flow).
  • Rankings by operational performance (Net Profit, Gross Margin, Store Numbers, Same Store Sales, Sales/Employee, SG&A Cost Ratio, Operating Profit, Stores Closed, Inventory Turnover, Op. profit per Employee.

4. Top 100 Retailers by ROA

5. Household Consumption Data: 2008-2017

  • Incomes, Savings
  • Expenditure for the following categories: Food, Housing, Utilities, Furniture & Household, Clothing & Footwear, Medical, Transport & Communication, Education, Culture & Recreation, Other.

Total Pages: 94

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