E-commerce in Japan 2023-24

E-commerce in Japan 2023-24

This snapshot report offers a quick but complete review of the Japanese e-commerce market, including top 100 ranking, future trends, strategies of leading operators, and forecasts to 2027 by sector and category.

Report Details

E-commerce in Japan 2023-24 provides a snapshot update on the latest trends and data in the Japanese e-commerce market:

  • A ranking of the top 100 e-commerce firms (see TOC below for details)
  • Market share and market penetration by product category (food, clothing, electronics, cosmetics etc)
  • Forecasts on market growth overall and by category to 2027
  • Key trends across sector and segment
  • Winners and losers

With E-commerce in Japan 2023-24, you will be able to quickly understand what the leaders are doing to innovate, where the sector is heading and where the opportunities are, whether as a supplier, competitor or investor.

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  • TOC



A Complete Overview

  • Concise report of analysis and essential data
  • Summary section
  • Charts on sector performance, KPIs, market share
  • Future trends: where the innovators are headed and what is the future for the rest
  • Forecasts through to 2027
  • Summary of recent financial results by company and sector
  • Guide to the leading players
  • Top 100 E-commerce Players by Sales Ranking