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Mar 16

February 2016 Highlights

FOCUS Taking over retail: how retailing market share is concentrating into fewer and fewer hands Japanese retailing was traditionally a fragmented, complex jigsaw, with multiple competing formats and multitudinous players within. Today, retailing still looks complex and highly competitive, but in the past five years, there has been a dramatic increase in market share concentration, […]

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Jan 05

January 2016 Highlights

FOCUS: 2015 proving a good year for retailers – unless you’re a GMS chain Consumers face growing pressure from stagnant wages and increasing prices for basics, a situation that is likely to worsen with further weakening of the Yen. Last Autumn, worries about consumer spending led several major retailers to publicly express concern that things […]

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Dec 07

December 2015 Highlights

FOCUS: Convenience Stores to dominate retail industry? The rise and rise of convenience store retailing is one of the most significant stories in Japanese business over the past 30 years. While few would fail to admire the skill with which the leading chains have grown, and their efficiency and profitability as retailers, for the majority […]

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Nov 02

November 2015 Highlights

FOCUS: Leading shopping centres upgrade their way to 3.9% jump in sales in 2014-15 The top 100 shopping centres continue to grow. After a great year in FY2013, with sales rising an average of 4.2%, the leading SCs overcame the downturn in spending in 1H2014 to finish with another 3.9% jump in FY2014. The top […]

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Oct 06

October 2015 Highlights

FOCUS: Apparel Retailing FY2014-15: making the best of it Apparel retailers entered FY2014 with a good deal of worry about just how long consumers would stay away from stores after splurging before the consumption tax increase. The good news was that for many the second half of the year was positive, and by the end […]

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Sep 04

September 2015 Highlights

FOCUS: Department Stores FY2014: over the hurdle After sales at department stores rose for the first time in 16 years in FY2013, most forecasts suggested those gains would be wiped out by the collapse in spending post-tax hike. This didn’t happen for most major stores in most big cities, even while regional stores continued their […]

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Jul 15

Highlights Jul-Aug 2015

FOCUS: Retail Industry Performance FY2014: solid results for many as distribution evolution continues Retail results for FY2014 show just how well corporate retailing weathered the impact of the consumption tax increase in April 2014. Market share for the largest companies continues to grow, as does the percentage of sales taken up by private brands, but […]

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Jul 15

Highlights June 2015

FOCUS: Sogo Shosha in fashion: Japanese trading companies adapt to changing fashion market The big Japanese trading companies are key conduits in domestic apparel and fashion distribution. They supply yarn, buttons and other parts, clothing, accessories and footwear to most of the high street retailers, while also acting as distributors for hundreds of overseas brands. […]

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Jul 14

Highlights May 2015

FOCUS: 2014 Calendar Year Results: Leading chains make progress in difficult year Calendar year results for the three big format sectors, department stores, GMS and supermarket chains, and convenience stores, provide a quick hint of what to expect from results at the end of the financial year. Although 2014 was a difficult year given the […]

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May 15

Air wardrobes: sharing clothes and fashion tips online

The mountains of little used clothing and accessories piling up in the back of closets across Japan is suddenly an area ripe for exploration in the new online sharing boom. A new start up aims to help people clean-up, while another is offering rental services based on expert advice from stylists. There is even a […]

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Apr 08

Highlights April 2015

FOCUS: Chasing the tourist shopper: retail marketing strategies for inbound tourists in Japan Japan is enjoying unprecedented growth in inbound tourism. Department stores, hotels and overseas brands are benefiting first and foremost, but other formats are also eagerly introducing services and ranges directly targeting the tourist market. Most of these services have, so far, remained […]

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Mar 08

Highlights March 2015

FOCUS: Weddings: fewer, but more fun and opportunity On the surface it seems that Japan might be one of the worst prospects for anyone selling products or services related to weddings. Marriage rates are declining, because there are just fewer young people, but also because so many women don’t want to get married, often fearful […]

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Feb 04

Highlights Feb 2015

FOCUS: Fashioning the home: the new road to riches? In the 1980s and 1990s Japan became a fashion market like no other, with almost every generation developing a fascination with personal style and brands, and a concomitant willingness to spend. Until recently this interest in fashion as a form of personal expression, of presentation to […]

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Jan 08

Highlights January 2015

FOCUS: E-commerce: ¥20 trillion by 2018 While traditional formats struggle with consumption tax increases, saturated markets, locational problems, and low consumer confidence, Japan’s budding e-commerce (EC) channel continues to grow rapidly. Despite the stereotype imagined by people who’ve never been here, Japan is not really the high-tech land where everyone has an engineering degree, doodles […]

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Dec 06

Highlights December 2014

Leading shopping centre sales rise 4.2% Shopping centres had a great year in FY2013 thanks to higher spending on fashions, food and lifestyle goods. The top selling SCs fared much better than the sector as a whole, which was up 2.6% overall but down 0.5% on a like for like basis. The increase in spending […]

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Nov 04

Highlights November 2014

Focus: Convenience Stores: and then there were three Convenience stores seem to go from strength to strength. This year will set another new record for the number of new stores added to the three largest chains alone – and these three already account for some 75% of the entire market. With saturation point reached, the […]

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Oct 06

Highlights October 2014

Apparel Retailing FY2013: the best year in 15 Apparel sales powered ahead last year, driven by consumer demand, excellent retailing and a stronger emphasis on value rather than price. With the exception of GMS stores sales rose across all formats – even at department stores. Displaying its boundless dynamism, the apparel industry once again included […]

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Sep 06

Highlights September 2014

Focus: Department Stores FY2013: a blip or a sustained recovery? Sales at department stores rose for the first time in 16 years in 2013 and by a solid percentage too. The uplift came from a splurge of high ticket consumption prior to the tax hike, investment in renovation and enlarging of city centre stores – […]

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Jul 08

Highlights July/August 2014

Focus: Sales peak or new beginning? Retail results FY2013 FY2013 retail results were heavily influenced by both renewed consumer confidence and increased spending spurred by the pending tax increase, but they also represent a new benchmark for the industry. Whereas a decade ago, the high performing retailers stood out as the exceptions, last year the […]

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Jun 15

June 2014 News in Brief

Old Navy sets up in Kanazawa, increases store opening pace Gap Japan continues a rapid roll out of its Old Navy chain in Japan. It opened a new store at the end of May in Kanazawa (Hokuriku) within the Apita Town Kanazawa Bay SC. The 1,200 sqm store sports a bright, colourful interior, including the […]

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