June 13 2016

June 2016 Highlights

Highlights from JapanConsuming monthly report

News and Analysis on Japanese retailing and consumers

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Outlet malls: here to stay
A full update on Japan’s Outlet Mall sector, main players and stats.

Gap Japan to close Old Navy
Gap Japan was opening Old Navy stores faster than any other foreign retailer has ever done, but will close the entire operation this year. The right move?

Editorial: Retailers don’t need to price fun…

United Arrows loses Chrome Hearts
United Arrows will lose rights to the Chrome Hearts brand.

Aigle ends Yamato license early, transfers to Lacoste Japan
Yamato International is set to lose a huge chunk of revenue as Aigle switches to Lacoste

Ito-Yokado: can Seven & I reinvent a dead format?
GMS chains are on their way out, but if anyone can save the format it will be Seven & I.

Japanese use ad-blockers, but still quite like advertising
Japanese are more likely to use adblocking software than consumers in any other country.

Railway firms reap benefit of ongoing retail investment
Railway operators are investing in meeting increasing demand for convenient shopping.

More babies, less people, bigger cities
Latest statistics on population and migration trends.

Nitori to open in Shinjuku Times Square
Nitori is set to open two more major anchor tenant stores in department stores around the capital.

CCC opens ‘lifestyle department store’ in Kansai
CCC (Culture Convenience Club) will open its fourth T-Site in Hirakata, the most innovative retail store in Japan right now.

Isetan-Mitsukoshi forecasts 35% rise in profits through SPA operations
Isetan-Mitsukoshi forecasts a 35% increase in group operating profit, most of it to come from non-department store businesses.

Seven & I signs Lagerfeld and Kenzo
Sogo Seibu will introduce more high end exclusive brands.

Consumption tax rise postponed
The next rise in the consumption tax has been put off to October 2019 despite mounting public debt, passing the buck to a future government.

Retail Data: Tourist sales fall 9.3% at department stores

Also in the news…
Aeon signs joint venture with French organic supermarket
Bluebell signs Manolo Blahnik
Radley London sets up in Japan
Aeon sets up fashion brand for fashion buildings
TSI acquires stake in Japan business of cosmetics brand Laline
Permira buys John Masters Organics and Japan business Styla
Plus Heart goes under
Consumer electronics retailers add electricity to their services
LINE confirms IPO
Marui hopes for profit of ¥50 billion by 2020
Mitsubishi to lead redevelopment of 5.3ha site at Ikebukuro Station
Itochu signs Finnish bag brand Golla
Seiyu expands PB ranges with more regular updates and lower prices
Laox taking shopping orders before tourists even leave China
Calbee pulls out of Taiwan venture
Aeon to open fourth SC in Vietnam
Joyful Honda plans new large scale store in Tokyo
Keio to build 38,000 sqm SC at Chofu station
California Dept to open in Isetan
Aeon Town opens its largest SC so far
World sales fall 6.8%
E-commerce to hit ¥15.6 trillion by 2020
Yaoko beats its own sales record – Again
Yamoto to rollout delivery lockers nationwide


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