Takashimaya Tamagawa: another refit

Nov 15

Takashimaya Tamagawa has been one of the most successful department stores over the last two decades, and continues to hold its own despite a wealth of new competition in the area around Futako Tamagawa. It continues to update its sales floors, introducing new tenants and directly managed space to keep the locals keen. No wonder its management is being tasked with development of Takashimaya’s other principle stores.

Late October saw the unveiling of updated fashion floors at Takashimaya’s key Tamagawa branch. The first leg of the renewal included updates to the first to fourth floor women’s fashion and cosmetics areas, and the complete refit should be finished by Spring 2015. Highlights of the new women’s floors include the introduction of more natural and organic cosmetics brands on the first floor to create the biggest and most comprehensive beauty zone in the Tamagawa area, and an expansion of the accessories floor by 50%. Apparel sections now include more fashionable imported brands as well as up and coming Japanese designers, and a much bigger Takashimaya managed fashion area called Style & Edit. More space has also been made for in-store events.

The store is managed by Toshin Kaihatsu, the Takashimaya subsidiary that has been tasked with upgrading and converting all of the department store chain’s key branches into shopping destinations featuring a department store surrounded by shopping mall space. The plan itself has been developed almost entirely thanks to the success of the model at Futako Tamagawa over the last 20 years.

One of the reasons for Toshin Kaihatsu’ success at Tamagawa has been the relentless focus on continuous improvements and brand changes, as well as updates to its popular restaurant floors. This latest round of improvements is in part a response to the influx of new specialty chains across the road in Tokyu’s new riverside SCs. Although the latter are largely concentrated on mass market to mass premium chains, Toshin Kaihatsu is working to further distinguish its own property through ever higher end and unique brands and tenants.