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Latest News from Japanese Consumer Markets

March 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: Fashion: The biggest e-commerce category – and still growing fast Our recent focus on e-commerce (JC1701) showed just how[...]
February 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: Supermarkets becoming regional powerhouses as GMS chains flounder Japan’s supermarket sector remains extremely fragmented, but with consumers waking up[...]
January 2017 Highlights
FOCUS: E-commerce in Japan: 20% of retail by 2022 E-commerce will be Japan’s largest single retail channel by 2022. Having[...]
December 2016 Highlights
FOCUS: Three chains mop up convenience store sector The convenience sector stands alone in terms of growth and innovation over[...]
November 2016 Highlights
FOCUS: Shopping Centres 2015-16: Top SCs surge nearly 7% on upgrades and tourism After sales growth of 4% in both[...]
October 2016 Highlights
FOCUS: Apparel Retailing 2015-16: specialty retailers surge ahead, led by top chains The apparel market overall contracted in 2015, but[...]
September 2016
FOCUS Department Stores FY2015: the sun still shining but storm clouds gathering Department store sales are a bellwether for the[...]
July-Aug 2016 Highlights
FOCUS Retail Results FY2015: one of the best years for retailing since the 1980s Japanese retailers had a remarkably good[...]
June 2016 Highlights
FOCUS: Outlet malls: here to stay A full update on Japan's Outlet Mall sector, main players and stats. Gap Japan[...]
May 2016 Highlights
FOCUS Expenditure 2011-2015: Trouble ahead as consumption falls on the back of wage stagnation Retailers made hay in the last[...]
April 2016 Highlights
FOCUS: The future of online retailing has arrived, but implementation remains patchy Japan is perceived as being behind other markets[...]
March 2016 Highlights
FOCUS The future of food retailing: small stores The future of food retailing is small formats. This simple conclusion to[...]
February 2016 Highlights
FOCUS Taking over retail: how retailing market share is concentrating into fewer and fewer hands Japanese retailing was traditionally a[...]
January 2016 Highlights
FOCUS: 2015 proving a good year for retailers – unless you’re a GMS chain Consumers face growing pressure from stagnant[...]
December 2015 Highlights
FOCUS: Convenience Stores to dominate retail industry? The rise and rise of convenience store retailing is one of the most[...]
FOCUS: Leading shopping centres upgrade their way to 3.9% jump in sales in 2014-15
The top 100 shopping centres continue to grow. After a great year in FY2013, with sales rising an average of[...]
November 2015 News in Brief
Familymart-Uny deal finally inked in October In mid-October, a month later than expected, Familymart and Uny announced they’d reached agreement[...]
Rakuten losing in online fashion
Nikkei’s annual ‘Net Life’ survey for 2015 shows a downturn in spending online due to the overall expenditure cut backs[...]
Consumer loyalty in Japan: loyalty programmes add value
Epsilon’s latest study on brand loyalty in Japan reconfirms a high level of loyalty to certain brands in some sectors.[...]
Seven & I continues major overhaul of GMS and department stores
Seven & I is determined to make its GMS and department store businesses more profitable. It has already invested in[...]