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Jun 15

June 2014 News in Brief

Old Navy sets up in Kanazawa, increases store opening pace Gap Japan continues a rapid roll out of its Old Navy chain in Japan. It opened a new store at the end of May in Kanazawa (Hokuriku) within the Apita Town Kanazawa Bay SC. The 1,200 sqm store sports a bright, colourful interior, including the […]

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Jun 15

Drugstores: convenience stores for women

Drugstores were mostly small, independent stores or small regional chains as recently as 10 years ago. Today they make up one of the most dynamic retail sectors in the country. In volume it is about to become the latest retail sector to overtake department stores, and is one where, again, Aeon dominates with 22% share. […]

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Jun 08

JapanConsuming Headlines: June 2014

Focus on Drugstores: convenience stores for women Drugstores were mostly small, independent stores or small regional chains as recently as 10 years ago. Today they make up one of the most dynamic retail sectors in the country. In volume it is about to become the latest retail sector to overtake department stores, and is one […]

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May 15

Used luxury goods sites might seem like a threat to sales of new luxury product at retail stores but, as with luxury cars and indeed gadgets, having an easy way to offload unwanted items often encourages further consumption, and brings new customers to brands without the budget to shop at full price. The problem has […]

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May 06

JapanConsuming Headlines May 2014

Focus: Retail groups: M&A to shape retailing future Retailing in Japan has been consolidating since the late 1990s, starting with Itochu’s acquisition of Familymart from the now defunct Seibu Saison Group, and the bankruptcy of Sogo soon after. After several years of tentative exchanges and realignments, M&A has at last become a core part of […]

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Apr 07

JapanConsuming: Headlines April 2014

Polarising Market: winners and losers in Japan’s leading city markets Japan is facing a major drop off in population over the next 40-60 years – and the decline has already begun. Government forecasts expect a reduction of as much as a third of the current 127 million people. But not all cities or regions will […]

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Mar 07

JapanConsuming Headlines: March 2014

Click here to Subscribe Now Get ready for 20 million tourists Japan has the lowest levels of inbound tourism among advanced economies, but this is about to change thanks to lavish marketing, the growing affluence of neighbouring populations, Japan’s increasing soft power, and in 2020 the Olympics. The benefits to retailers and brands will be […]

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Feb 06

JapanConsuming Headlines: February 2014

Click here to Subscribe Now Focus: Consumption Tax to hit while incomes still falling Retailers are bracing themselves for consumer reaction to the increase in Consumption Tax. Retailers may be worried, but some consumers are looking at a serious change to their spending patterns if incomes don’t increase soon. Although the last rise in 1997 […]

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Jan 08

JapanConsuming: Headlines January 2014

Focus: Specialty apparel FY2012: gaining further ground The results for specialty apparel retailing in FY2012 were even better than 2011, reflecting higher spending on premium fashions as well as a general uplift in consumer demand. The top specialty apparel retailers outperformed the market, averaging 9.1% growth and now account for 35% of the entire apparel […]

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Dec 05

JapanConsuming Headlines: December 2013

Click here to Subscribe Now Focus: Solid growth for SCs as new build rate rises again Shopping centres had a solid year in 2012 with the top 100 seeing sales rise 2.2% thanks to higher spending on fashions, food and lifestyle goods. The largest SCs are growing much quicker than the sector as a whole, […]

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Nov 11

JapanConsuming Headlines: November 2013

Click here to Subscribe Now Convenience stores: new models in fight to the finish The convenience store sector is without doubt the most successful in the Japanese retail industry. The leading chains, Seven Eleven, Lawson and Familymart, are also some of the best performing retailers in the world and responsible for a good proportion of […]

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Oct 07

JapanConsuming Headlines: October 2013

Click here to Subscribe Now Focus: Apparel Retailing FY2012: leading from the top Apparel sales rose 0.4% in FY2012 but the top 100 averaged growth of 5.2%, a strong result, helping the top 100 garner more than 60% share of the apparel market. Specialty chains continued to deliver most of the growth, but e-commerce businesses […]

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Sep 04

JapanConsuming Headlines: September 2013

Click here to Subscribe Now Focus: Department Stores: short-term success or long-term paradigm shift? Includes data on: Top 30 Department Store Firms Top 50 Department Store Branches Top 30 Stores by Apparel Sales Top 30 Stores by Accessory Sales Same store sales at department stores rose for the first time in 16 years in 2012. […]

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Jul 07

JapanConsuming Headlines: July/August 2013

Click here to Subscribe Now Retail Results 2012: from growth to consolidation FY2012 results are finally in for Japan’s top retailers. It was yet another good year for the majority of firms, with the growing trend of market consolidation increasingly clear. With the exception of consumer electronics retailers, most retailers have very little to complain […]

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Jun 05

JapanConsuming Headlines, June 2013

Click here to Subscribe Now Focus: Will Aeon cause an M&A avalanche? Market share concentration in distribution has been growing in Japan for the past decade. Mergers and acquisitions have always been an important strategy in the sector as a means to grab more share quickly, very often at relatively low cost. Until recently, the […]

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May 06

JapanConsuming: Headlines May 2013

Click here to Subscribe Now Focus: From virtual customers to real and back again: O2O marketing takes off Now that e-commerce is the fastest growing channel by far, high street retailers need to work harder than ever to pull in customers. Until recently pure e-commerce businesses had an advantage over physical stores in exploiting online […]

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Apr 03

JapanConsuming Headlines: April 2013

Click here to Subscribe Now Focus: Aeon’s acquisition of Daiei set to change food distribution for good Aeon has launched a tender offer for Daiei shares and will also acquire Marubeni’s stake with the aim to turn Daiei into a full subsidiary by July. Aeon has wanted to buy Daiei for many years so the […]

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Mar 05

JapanConsuming Headlines: March 2013

Focus: Department stores have a storming 2012 It is a very long time since department stores have been the leading retail sector, but in 2012 they did lead – at least in terms of growth among mixed merchandise retailers. The initial figures from the Japan Department Store Association showed a tiny 0.3% rise in same […]

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Feb 04

JapanConsuming Headlines: February 2013

Consumers – what they want and how they buy it Japanese worry about the future of the economy and the negative effect on incomes but they feel better off than a decade ago according to the latest surveys. Not only that but, rather than putting lower prices first, they are making more decisions based on […]

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Jan 07

JapanConsuming Headlines: January 2013

FOCUS: Non-store retailing set to become largest channel of all Japanese consumers love to shop, and the growing sophistication of the many non-store purchasing options is adding a whole new dimension. Non-store retailing in its broadest sense is any channel that reaches the final consumer without going through a physical store. It covers paper catalogues […]

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